Walk on by:
The benefits of a brisk stroll in the great out doors are undeniable..
Just return for a moment to the last time (or any memorable time) you came in from a really nice big walk outside. Did your head feel clear? had your mood lifted? did you feel like you had solved a few mental puzzles and sorted some of that filing in your mind? I
It is important to connect with our outside world when we spend so much time these days indoors. Here are 5 benefits you will get from adding a stroll to your day:
Become more time efficient- Walking outside on your lonesome (preferably not plugged it to a device of some kind) gives our minds space to breath and think without the whizzing by of our modern day busy lives. When we do this we free up space to think more clearly, solve problems more efficiently and go into situations with a calmer mind, therefore skipping any “beating round the bush” we may have done causing us to waist precious time. 
Manage extra kilos – Adding any exercise to your daily routine is a surefire way to keep you weight in check. This is common knowledge and old news, we all know this, however with so many of us being time poor, finding a form of exercise that fits in to your day with little running around and organizing for it is always welcome and what could be easier, walking to or from work, to a friends house to visit, around the park, as a catch up with someone instead of sitting, drinking coffee and eating cake. 
Boost your blood circulation + Better sexual health – Research has found that walking two miles a day boosts blood circulation keeping you healthy and fit which in turn will contribute to a more active love life.
Cut risks of hypertension and diabetes – Regular walking improves the BMI (body mass index) and blood pressure levels in people with diabetes. The increased muscle movement leads to more use of glucose by the cells . This also involves utilization of insulin, which improves blood sugar levels. Keeping your blood pressure levels low can also protect against kidney failure, heart attack and stroke. 
Keep warm in winter – I know, Its cold outside now that its smack bang in the middle of winter down here in Victoria (and in many other nice posies in Aus) at the moment. It does make it particularly hard to haul yourself out of bed in the morning and into something vaguely resembling clothes and not P.J’s (, you can actually benefit more from walking in winter as exercise boosts your circulation therefor warming you up from the inside, which lasts a lot longer than a 5 minute stint in front of a heater. I put my clothes for the morning as close as possible to bed or in a warmer room so I can either slide out and put them straight on or 
The best part of walking this is that it is possibly the easiest form of meditation, exercise and alone time to incorporate into your day. Depending on your routine (or, like me, lack there of) here are some easy ways to put a little spring in your step:
-Walk to and from work (or even better, both!) – 
-Park or catch the train or bus farther away from work so you can walk the 1/2 or 45 minutes extra-
-Get yourself up and at ‘em early so you can enjoy the most beautiful time of day when things are slowly waking, go for a walk before breaky and getting ready for work. 
-Instead of sitting in your lunch break, get out and go for a walk in the fresh air. You will be surprised at how refreshed you feel, returning to your desk. You may find that you are also more productive in the afternoon and avoid a slump around 3.30. 
-Catch up with a friend for a walk instead of coffee (remember you can always do both). You may find it leaves you both in a more positive mood.
Do you already include walking regularly into your daily routine? Has this inspired you to add a little outside time to your day? Leave a comment bellow and share with your friends. 

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