Introducing the first Tunes-day…. 
All you need is music, Good food, fresh air, exercise, down time, healthy relationships, a challenging and satisfying career and a creative outlet all contribute to our happiness and contentment but what about music? Music can alter your mood
pretty immediately  It can calm you down, pump you up, anger you, elate you and cause you to become nostalgic. It can cause fully grown women listening to the Spice Girls ”stop right now” to revert to their 10 year old selves and co-ordinate dance moves they first learned in the mid 90’s around a living room somewhere. Personally I think there is nothing better than a good playlist one that flows and is just the right balance of feelings. And nothing better than finding that song that just makes you feel good. 
I would like to kick off the first ever Tunesday with one of my favorites: Bobby Alu. I would describe Bobby Alu’s sound as “Island soul” It has a relaxed feel and is super easy to listen to. Perfect for a sunny winters day  to lift your spirits if you are feeling down or just to listen to and get excited for those amazing summer days ahead!
Meet Bobby Alu:
“Bobby Alu is the musical alter ego of Charles Wall, an accomplished songwriter, multi‑instrumentalist, and producer. His Polynesian heritage and passion for World music are the foundations of Bobby Alu. An obsession with percussion and drums has led to him being one of the top, most sought‑after drummers in the country. When he’s not gracing the stages as Bobby Alu, Wall is touring the world as a drummer. He will be playing drums with Xavier Rudd on his upcoming North American tour and continues collaborating with progressive roots/dance trio, OKA. Bobby Alu’s rapid popularity and repeat festival invitations further compliment his already stellar CV. 2013 is looking very bright for Bobby Alu fans, old and new, across the country” 
Natural Harry’s favorites are:
-Changes Changes
-Love you more for video go here
-One to wait for video go here
-It’s time 

To hear more from Bobby and to buy: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/bobbyalu/id576705152
Photo credit: www.soundsofoz.com  
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x Natural Harry

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