Super Food in the spotlight…. Berries.
There is more too these juicy little gems than meets the eye. Packed full of health benefits, they are a nutritional powerhouse, so to speak. Sweet and brightly coloured without the toxic refined sugars and artificial chemicals of processed sweets. And coming into season soon here in Australia!

Packed full of antioxidants which inhibit and slow cancer growth High in photo chemicals which also fight cancer High in fibre High in Vitamin C, calcium , magnesium and the bone-building vitamin K
Where do I start? There are the typical ( yet always good) inclusions into breakfast toppings, smoothies, raw deserts, fruit salad and on their own They can also: Add zing to a salad Dress up a piece of whole grain toast with nut butter Be blended into chia seeds to make a delicious sugar free jam Blend them up with some ice or frozen coconut yoghurt in a hot day for a refreshing snack Add to water in ice trays to make colourful ice cubes Here is a breakfast recipe of mine using raspberries.
X Natural Harry 
How do you incorporate berries into your diet?

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