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? My current morning shower + 3 step skincare routine ? 

⭐️ Low maintenance
⭐️ Mindful 
⭐️ Streamlined 
⭐️ Ten minutes 
⭐️ Minimal 
⭐️ Tox-free 
⭐️ Waste-free 
⭐️ Simple 

I’ve never been one to spend long periods of time getting ready for the day, throw an almost one year old into the mix and that already limited time has been further reduced. 
What I do value though is taking some time each day, however long or short, for self care and mindfulness...wherever I can slot that in. Some days I have to skip the shower and just brush my teeth with a bubba on the hip, but when I can manage it, I try to get this whole short routine in. 

Achieving any or all of these steps is a success to me and success, after all, is not is happiness. Taking a moment to fill your own cup is a big component of that. You cannot underestimate the positive influence this can have on your day. 

This is not a trending 13,575,527 step product skincare routine promising reverse ageing and airbrushed looking skin. Most of that is filters, editing and marketing anyway. It’s just a busy almost 36 year old Mum of one's few simple steps to feel a little more fresh, natural (and freckly) for the day. 

I have also linked some sneaky discount codes here for you including all nine of the beautiful simple products. 
You are welcome! Enjoy.

x Harry 

Dry Body Brush - Seed & Sprout 
Konjac Sponge - Seed & Sprout 
Body Wash - HOME by Natural Harry 
Toothpaste - HOME by Natural Harry 
Compostable Floss - Seed & Sprout 
Toothbrush - Seed & Sprout 
Body Butter - HOME by Natural Harry 
Face Oil - HOME by Natural Harry 
Tinted Moisturiser - Edible Beauty 

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Dry Body Brush (I do this naked before showering)
Using light pressure, start at your feet and move up your body brushing always towards the heart. Avoid sensitive areas. Brush feet, legs and mid section then brush your arms. 

To save time I wash my face & body and also brush my teeth in the shower. 
Wet the konjac sponge and squeeze excess water out. Gently rub over face and rinse out after use then hang to dry. When it begins to fall apart it's ready to home compost and grab a new one! 

Super important! See compostable floss linked above. 

I use my body butter from HOME by Natural Harry. I warm it between my hands to melt it further and then do a short version of Abhyanga and Ayurvedic all body massage. A bit like the dry body brushing, doing this supports the body in many ways.

Face Oil
A couple of drops is all you need. My face oil recipe in HOME by Natural Harry is so simple - it contains just 2 ingredients. I use a repurposed dropper bottle for storage and easy dispensing. You can just use your fingers to gently work it in to your face or, I love to also use a gua sha tool to gently massage it in when I can manage to find the time. Doing this is a lovely relaxing practice with many benefits.

Tinted Moisturiser
This beautiful, completely natural and SPF 15+ tinted moisturiser is so wonderful. I've used it almost every day for years now. I got to know the product so well a few years ago when I sold it in my store. The owner Anna is a naturopath and an all around legend. It is non-greasy, smells wonderful (albeit mild) and absorbs easily. I find applying my face oil prior helps it to evenly blend and soak in well giving that very subtle glow. 

And that's all folks. Short and sweet - I'm all for simplicity after all. I've shared these recipes and many, many more in my third published recipe book HOME by Natural Harry. I've linked it here for you if you want to have a closer look and learn more. Otherwise, any questions please leave a comment below. 

Much love.

x Harry

6 thoughts on “MORNING SHOWER & SKINCARE ROUTINE | minimal & simple

  1. Kim Kavanagh says:

    Hi Harry, you’ve probably been asked this a million times, but from where do you purchase your little jars & bottles? Thank you ?

    1. Harry says:

      Hi Kim,

      You could wash and reuse glass jars/containers from any store-bought products that store dry ingredients, such as sauces, dips and spreads. Otherwise, take a look at thrift stores, or ask your family, friends or neighbours. Quite often they have jars they are happy to let go of 🙂

      Hope that helps, thank you so much for your comment!

  2. Brooke says:

    Hi Harry,
    Have you found a new tinted moisturiser now this one has been discontinued?
    Thank you x

    1. Harry says:

      I have not run out yet brook but when I do I will probably use Ere Perez 🙂

  3. Susan Donaldson says:

    Hi Harry,
    your tinted moisturizer from Edible Beauty has been discontinued. Any advice for or recommendation of another product to use instead of? Sounds like it was a great product from the reviews.
    I love your books,

    1. Harry says:

      Hi Sue,
      I have been away for a year so sorry for the delay. Hope you found something. I have not run out yet but it is a pitty. Try Ere Perez. I am sure they have something!

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