Since the opening of Natural Harry, our little Organic Caravan in Barwon Heads a few people have asked me this same question: “Why 100% Organic ingredients when you can use 1% and legally call it Organic?” 

Great question. The word organic has become somewhat of a cleaver marketing tool of late and there are all sorts of intricate ways to get around actually delivering on this promise. The truth is, only a very tiny percentage of your product has to be certified organic (By a certifying body) for you to slap “Organic” on the label or in the name of a product. There is however, also easy ways to find out what is and what is not actually all organic. Hold tight, I’ll let you know in a tick. 

While this is a great opportunity for some to boost sales and keep their profit margin wide I have to say you would pay a price in conscience. For me it is a massive feel good factor. I love knowing we are offering the best possible 100% Organic ingredients and being honest about or product. I try to feed myself the best quality Organic product (and as the saying goes: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”. ) I would hope I am practicing what I preach. 

So when you are out and about sourcing your own delicious food how can you tell the difference? 

On packaged products:

Look for a label such as these stating certified organic by an authorized certifying body:

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables:

Ask your grocer which produce is certified.

Cafes and restaurants:

If the word organic is written anywhere, eg menu or in the name of the business a percentage will be organic. however to determine how much, you will have to ask.

If you want to know why Organic is miles better for you than conventional produce and some money saving tricks to going organic, Here is a great post by the amazing Chris Karr via The Wellness Warrior

X Natural Harry 

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