Working as a nanny a few days a week forces me to be more organised when it comes to meal times and given me a new found appreciation for mothers. 

Lunch cannot always be when I am hungry and more often than not happens either at the traditional morning tea or afternoon tea times. This I cannot control as it is generally the times Edie, the little girl I look after is having a lovely snooze,bso when other jobs are done I often sneak into the kitchen to prepare something appetising for myself. I have come to be quite creative in these times and it has totally altered perception of a quick and easy snack into an opportunity to create something nourishing out of what I have brought to work and what is available there. Improvising can actually head some amazing results. If you have time in the day, why not lovingly prepare something nourishing for yourself and others. It’s the little things in life after all.

For morning/ afternoon tea these are some of the solutions I have come up with:

  • Tahini spread on apple “doughnuts” sprinkled with goji berries and bukinis (activated buckwheat) see top image.
  • Bliss balls. I will post my favourite recipe soon.
  • Green smoothies ( or any colour, all the good thinks blended up never comes out the same colour twice) 
  • Vege sticks and green dip ( hommus blended with greens for extra oomf.)
  • Avocado on organic rice crackers or Gluten free sprouted bread.
  • Apple and nut butters.
  • Nori rolls with left over rice dish or other grain  ( risotto, plain rice, quinoa etc) with fresh crunchy veggies added or an omelette.
  • Oats with cinnamon and whatever other fruit I have. 

Here is an example of my nori wrap with greens and spinach turmeric omelette. 

X Natural Harry 

What do you generally snack on when you have a kitchen available? 
Do you find you are more or less inventive? Do you find thinking of healthy options easy? 

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