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Sauerkraut or sour-cabbage is, put simply, fermented cabbage. The health benefits of this traditional German side dish are amazing, including improving the digestive system, providing fibre and boosting immunity. It stores incredibly well in an airtight container when kept in the refrigerator and is a healthy addition to any savoury dish. These two are my favourite flavours of sauerkraut. I rarely eat a salad without a big spoonful of either.

Makes about 1 litre

Prep time: 20 minutes (+5 days fermentation)



1 large green cabbage, finely shredded, saving 2 large leaves

4 large green apples, peeled and grated

2 cups (40g) fresh dill, finely chopped

3 tablespoons caraway seeds

¼ cup (80g) good quality sea salt



1 large green cabbage, finely shredded, saving 2 large leaves

3 large beetroots, peeled and grated

1 tablespoon grated ginger

¼ cup (25g) good quality mineral salt


Sterilise a chopping board, a sharp knife, large mixing bowls, a wooden spoon and large glass jars.

Remove the outer leaves of the cabbage before shredding and placing in a bowl. Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl and massage firmly for approximately 10 minutes. Really squeeze the mixture in your hands as you go. A liquid should begin to form at the bottom of the bowl. This liquid should be almost level with the mixture when you are finished massaging.

Cover and leave to rest for 1 ½ hours before scooping into sterilised glass jars, leaving at least 3cm at the top. Place the saved cabbage leaves over the mixture. Using a clean shot glass or other glass, gently push the cabbage leaf down until the brine rises over the mixture. Secure the lid and leave to ferment for approximately 5 days before storing in the refrigerator.

2 thoughts on “SIMPLE SAUERKRAUT RECIPE | two ways

  1. Lucile says:

    Hi Harry,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful recipes, I absolutely love them and use your books every week!
    I was wondering: how do you usually sterilise your board, knife, bowls, etc.


    1. Harry says:

      Hi Lucile!

      That is SO nice to hear. Thank you for taking the time to say so.
      To steralise I pour boiling water over boards, and bowls and utensils and for jars I pop them in a large saucepan filled with water and simmer in water for a few minutes! 🙂

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