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Purpose & Values

Hey, I’m so glad you found your way here! This page shares a little more about what makes Natural Harry tick (hint: it’s more than just an epic love of plants!)

To make living a plant-based whole food lifestyle fun and accessible for lovely folk like yourself. My hope is that these authentic and down-to-earth recipes for food, body and home can inspire you to live a happier, healthier and more connected life, not just for yourself, but for your loved ones, our communities and this beautiful planet.

I want my daughter, nieces, nephews and all future generations to inherit an environment where our oceans, bush and forests are preserved in all of their natural beauty for them to enjoy as I do.

By choosing to eat more plants and selecting local and organic produce plus creating my own natural body and cleaning products, I hope that I can contribute in even just a small way to the preservation of our precious planet.

Eating simple, honest whole, plant foods makes me feel happy, healthy, energetic and full of vitality and I love sharing this goodness with others. I work hard to make all of my recipes truly whole food, which means no cheeky additives or ultra-processed products!

This extends beyond food where I hope to help people swap their toxic home cleaning and body products for non-toxic versions. This is better for your health, avoids single-use packaging and prevents chemicals from leaching into our environment – it’s a win-win!

I’m a self-taught cook and I like to keep things real, focusing on simplicity in my recipes so that they are easy and delicious plus adaptable to what you have on hand, the season etc. 

You won’t find any complicated methods or crazy ingredients here, just down-to-earth recipes that are so simple, you’ll be proud of your creations and motivated to explore even more whole foods and natural living.

I want EVERYONE to feel welcome here, so I aim to make these recipes approachable and authentic regardless of whether you are strictly plant exclusive or looking to include just a little plant-based action in your life – this is a place for all.

And did I mention fun?! I’ll always keep things real and honest without taking anything too seriously.

I love this way of life and I hope that you will too! I feel that creating positive change starts from the bottom up and I hope that Natural Harry can play even just a small role in contributing to a groundswell of daily, inspired action to help individuals, their families, our communities and our planet thrive.

Behind everything I create are these key values....






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