Going plastic-free no longer has to look so alternative and ‘daggy’ (for want of a better word). Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with a ‘dag’ I am one, and a lanky, goofy one at that. But… and this is a BIG BUT, the alternatives to single use (and multi-use) plastics can now, not only be sustainable and practical but also beautiful pieces of art that you can proudly take with you wherever you go without feeling like Mr Bean in the waterbottle lunch episode. Few will know what I am talking about there but its worth the risk and they will have a good chuckle.

Now that ‘sustainable’ and ‘eco’ are buz words and it is all becoming a bit trendy there are so many products at out fingertips available to us that replace plastics and unnecessary waste.

I am going to respect your intelligence here and not bang on too much about WHY we need to try our best to go plastic free in our lives. If you are reading this you have access to the interwebs and therefore have not been living under a rock and are fully aware. Instead, I thought I might offer some handy tips and reminders to set you up for a plastic-free July and September and November and so on……

Here are some tips to make your life easier going plastic-free:

  • An obvious one to start: DONT BUY IT! 

This is made SO much easier if you visit the right stores. These days there are some wonderful bulk wholefoods stores around. You can take your empty jars from home, save a few extra bucks and avoid all the waste. You can also visit your local grocer and avoid all the unnecessary packaging of fresh fruit and veg buy buying the quantity you need without the plastic. Farmers markets are also wonderful and delivered boxes of organic veg.

  • Take your own bags!

Instead of getting caught out and having to buy heavyweight plastic so-called ‘green’ bags keep fabric bags in your car/bike bag/backpack always. When you unpack things at home put those bags straight back! Yeah, probably sounds a bit obvious again but it is where most people get caught out!

  • Always carry the following: 

Drink bottle

Re-usable coffee cup

Metal/bamboo straw



Metal lunch box

*Tip: If you forget your coffee cup: Take 5 and have your coffee there!

  • Get prepared 

When you arrive home from work or being out, wash, dry and place your reusable items back in your bag or car straight away. That way you will not forget them!

  • Where else can you avoid plastic? 

Shampoo/body wash bottles – There are some amazing shampoo bars and soaps on the market these days!

Toothbrushes – Plastic toothbrushes are used for a period of time and thrown out, lasting  thousands of years. There are now wonderful bamboo toothbrushes available so make the most of them!

Plastic wrap – Glad wrap is another avoidable single-use plastic product. Replace it with beeswax wraps, which, after many, many users can be composted and returned to the earth leaving no harmful chemicals and microplastics.

Laundry liquid and cleaning products – more products available in plastic bottles! Stock up on glass spray bottles and visit your local bulk wholefoods or make your own!

Skincare – There are some amazing natural products out there now that store their product in glass instead of plastic!


Finally, I would just like to say: if the ultimate goal is to avoid making new items from new (not regenerated) plastics and avoiding the waste associated with that then (and this is just MY opinion) maybe we should be trying to create those re-usable replacements from natural products. Substances that can return to the earth, after much use and wear, causing minimal harm if any.

I hope this was helpful or at the very least a great reminder! Please leave a comment down below and let me know if there is any great tips I have left off! I am only human after all so there is a high chance. xx Harry


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