The journey began much more humbly back in 2013 as a little wooden beachside caravan built from scratch by my husband Fraser, a sustainable builder & building designer.

Natural Harry

Hey, I'm Harry!

I’m an author, recipe developer, rooky surfer, aspiring open water swimmer, mumma bear and all round clumsy goofball who has somehow managed (via a long and winding journey) to create what is now Natural Harry: 300+ recipes across my blog and three beautiful books plus so much more.

From the big window of our little caravan, we spent many sunny summer days amidst a relaxing scene of bean bags and umbrellas offering nourishing 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts to the lovely folk of our local seaside town, Barwon Heads.

My first book, self-titled Natural Harry, was born from the love and joy of our happy caravan. It offers a collection of our most popular plant-based wholefood smoothie and raw dessert recipes from the van, plus a few of our favourite and simple savoury meals that we love to cook at home.

Following the success of the first book we took a break from the van and I continued to develop recipes alongside taking a course in plant-based nutrition, hosting cooking workshops and a stint at a local organic grocer. During this time, the seeds of my second book WHOLE by Natural Harry were planted and worked away at what became a comprehensive recipe bible filled with the easiest, most hearty and delicious plant-based meals and snacks possible.

New adventures beckoned after the release of WHOLE including two years in my beautiful eco-concept store inspired by the Natural Harry lifestyle and also the creation of my epic product, the Lazy Bones Loaf. 

Throughout these years I worked behind the scenes on my third book baby: HOME by Natural Harry. Developed through a desire to avoid chemicals and live a resourceful, low-tox and minimal waste lifestyle, it offers a collection of beautiful recipes for body and home that are simple, effective and down-to-earth. Now all three of my books are available globally which is a dream come true!

In 2021 we welcomed a little legend daughter to our family which has further inspired me and deepened my desire to move towards living more naturally in every area of our lives. Not only for our health but that of our precious environment, too. 

I have exciting things in the works and continue to develop fresh plant-based and DIY recipes and projects to support your journey. The best place to stay in touch is via email where I’ll send regular updates, as well as on instagram where you’ll find snippets of my day to day life.

Thanks again for being here, legends. I am so grateful for this epic community.

xx Harry

P.S. I am asked very often for even more detail on the evolution of NH, you can find that much more detail here.  I am also often asked about our little 40 square metre house, veggie patch and dog, Fred, which you can take a peek inside and read more about here.

Behind everything I create are these key values....






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