The story so far

Hi, I’m Harriet.

Author, speaker, plant-based whole food recipe writer, rooky surfer, mediocre open water swimmer, clumsy goofball…

I am super passionate about turning simple plant-based whole food ingredients into easy to make tasty dishes.

Over the past 7 years I have written, designed and created two beautiful recipe books I am so proud of. The 200+ recipes accross Natural Harry, WHOLE by Natural Harry and the free recipes on here have been honed and crafted for you.

Along with making nourishing plant-based wholefood recipes simple and accessable I am always looking at ways I can tread a little lighter on the earth, to reduce our household waste and remove toxins by making my own home and body products wherever possible. More on that later…

A little has lead me to three recipes books, a blog and an online store of ethical small batch goodies though….

My Natural Harry journey began in 2013 as a little wooden beach-side caravan. Built from scratch by my husband, Fraser, a sustainable builder.

From the big window of our little caravan, we sold 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts in our local seaside town of Barwon Heads.

Together we spent many a sunny summers day, bean bags scattered, umbrellas hoisted, serving super fresh, nourishing smoothies and raw desserts.

From the love of that caravan and it’s offerings the first book was born, self titled, Natural Harry. Which is a collection of the recipes for all of the most popular plant based wholefood smoothies and raw desserts we sold there as well as our favourite simple savoury meal recipes I had created and used at home over and over.

After the success of the first book and a few more years of recipe development as well as a short course in plant based nutrition, hosting a few cooking workshops and a stint at a local organic grocer, the seeds of WHOLE by Natural Harry were planted and I began work on a recipe bible of the easiest, most hearty, delicious plant based meals and snacks. With everything from breakfast to desserts, quick lunches, nourish bowls and hearty warming dinners.

A year later Hardie Grant took over as publisher of WHOLE and it is now available around the world!

Then I embarked in a  new adventure, a little eco-concept store inspired by the Natural Harry lifestyle! A thoughtful & considered collection of functional, consciously produced wares made of naturally occurring materials. Things from the earth that can return to the earth causing minimal harm. Wears that simultaneously look after your body, the environment, and your bank account by lasting the test of time in the most beautiful way.  Encouraging slow, conscious, simple living with considered, purposeful items. The little physical store has moved online and the small collection of small batch, collaboration products are ever changing, beautiful, natural and ethically made.

I am in  the process of creating book number three (yew!) and am so excited to share it with the world. My focus is on making book three just as amazing and useful as the first two and I am so excited to release it around November this year!

xx Harry

P.S. I am asked very often for more detail on this round-a-bout varied journey. If you would like to read it you can find it here.