So winter finally got the better of me.

Last night, literally 10 minutes after Nikole and I sent the book off and did a little tired but excited happy dance,  I felt a tickle in my throat that, having no tonsils, I know only too well.

It’s amazing how the adrenaline of a deadline can hold off coming down with something and then BAM you feel like you have it ten fold! (Usually the first day of a holiday…. amiright?)

I barely get sick these days (touch wood) and when I can always link it burning the candle at both ends and not enough sleep.

Nothing like a book deadline to help with that!

So, rest, lemon and ACV water, oil burner, sleep and home made, natural, petroleum free vapour rub for me for the next few days to (hopefully) kick this thing….

Here’s my home made, petroleum free easy Vapor rub recipe in case you are interested:

***Be sure to source pure essential oils that are ok for topical use and patch test on your skin before use!
I use a brand called doTerra.


*1 cup coconut oil 

*20 drops eucalyptus oil

*20 drops peppermint oil 

*10 drops rosemary oil



Melt the coconut oil and cool to room temperature.

Pour into an airtight, glass jar and place in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to set.

xx Harry


  1. Essraa elhomsi says:


    I just made this. Wanted to know do I keep it tored in the fridge once it’s set

    1. Harry says:

      Hi Essraa,

      No need to keep it stored in the fridge once it’s set. I recommend storing in a cool, dark place.

      How did you find it?

      Harry 🙂

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Harry, is this suitable for babies? Or, is there a baby/toddler-safe version? I really don’t want to use the traditional, chemist bought option. Thanks 🙂

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