When the coolest festival going around asks you to bring your vintage caravan to the party and serve 100% Organic Superfood Smoothies it is one easy decision to make.

Natural Harry has just landed back in the top paddock in Wallington after a magical weekend away to the explosion of fun that is Boogie music festival in Northern Victoria. On Thursday last week we hitched up the van and off we went bouncing up the Hume. On arrival we were greeted by the best folk I have ever worked with. With so much to organise they were all smiles and laughter as they literally built a mini world on a farm just outside of Tullarook. The 8th Boogie music festival was a winner thats for sure. The crisp morings and cloudy days did not dull a single spirit, the superfood smoothies were flowing and the tunes were spot on.

Gone are the days when you would be greeted by a smorges board of deep fried mono-colour food.  Instead this has been replaced by vibrant delicious healthy options and we were so honoured to be on board. I would be utterly stoked to find such a yummy healthy choice at a music festival and to actually make this happen was beyond amazing. Being a teeny weeny two person company we had the invaluable help from Fliss and Oscar two of our closest friends who did the most amazing job joining us in the van the entire time. Here are a few little snaps from the weekend. I hope you had a gorgeous Easter break too!


In line for the “cure” a smoothie Jam packed with super foods and greens

smaller 3 of us

Enjoying a relaxing time before the rush… (left to right: Fliss, Oscar and Harry)

smaller 3

 The team: Fliss, Harry and Frase (Oscar on camera duty)

smaller girl

 A passer by helping with the sandwich board… Clearly my attempt wasn’t good enough and needed a few touch ups. So cute.



The beautiful sunsets over the weekend..

Till next time Boogie.

Now I would love to hear from you. When you go to events and music festivals what do you do to keep up your healthy habits? What do you bring and what do you buy?

Love from Harry  x


  1. Frase's Auntie Jules says:

    Hi Harry, I just LOVE reading your blogs etc.It is like a breath of fresh air for an “older”timer like me!
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Harry says:

      Oh Julie, Thank you so much. I LOVE writing it! Hope to see you soon! x

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