Morning Flow Yoga Class by Dune Folk

I have the most epic treat for you this cozy Sunday morning.... 

A full 30+ minute seriously delicious grounding flow yoga class led by my dear mate Blair who runs Dune Folk yoga studio in my home town Ocean Grove on the Bellarine Peninsuar in Victoria.

I attend Blairy's yoga classes regularly and relish each one. Being a slightly 'flighty and naturaly busy minded individual' I completely credit Blair's yoga classes to keeping me grounded on the craziest of days. Her teaching style is second to none and a total treat to attend.

So I am so excited to be able to give you a taste of it here in the form of a perfect length morning flow class. We worked on producing this video with local photographers and videographers, Hannah and Zach of Handzaround video + Photography and they have done an exceptional job capturing the space and atmosphere of the Dune Folk studio beside the lovely lake.

Use this magic grounding class as your mobile yoga class and take it with you and your mat wherever you go.

Roll out your mat and slip into something comfy. This morning flow is gentle and nourishing. Suitable for any morning, or in fact any time of the day. It is designed to gently wake up the body and calm the mind, setting you up for a beautiful day.

* Real yoga cannot be seen - the true practice of yoga and its benifits, at their core are not visable and are unique to the individual
* You don't have to be 'flexible' to do yoga, infact that is an excellent reason to do it.
* As long as you are confortable and your clothing is not restrictig your movements no one cares what you are wearing, wearing the latest matching activewear (insert parady song tune ) will not make you better (a herm, no such thing) at yoga.
* Which leads me to a point I am the most passionate about. You cannot be 'GOOD', not 'BAD' at yoga. No such thing. Period.
* The benefits of yoga are completely boundless and cumulative (in my opinion)



This is just a teeny taste of what beautiful Blairy has to offer. Dune Folk has a range of offerings including weekly studio classes in Ocean Grove as well as events, kids yoga workshops, yoga in schools and more all with the aim of helping people live joyfully and thrive. 

Dune Folk was born from a heartfelt desire to share the teachings of yoga in a fun, inspiring and thought-provoking way that is accessible and welcoming for all. Our aim is for students to take the teachings of yoga off the mat and into their lives for the betterment of themselves and those around them. Love, kindness and joy, always.

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We are so excited that you’re keen to participate in our video, but we have a little fine print for you to consider first:
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