Drinking komucha tea is one of the most amazing things you can do for your body. It is a super concentrated and all natural source of pro probiotics which assists in:
Joint care
Aids digestion and gut health 
Boosts Immune system
Plus, It is technically a fermented food made of just three ingredients that you throw together in a pot and wait for it to work its magic. So it is super easy to make!
So what is Kombucha?
Kombucha tea is the result of fermenting tea and sugar. In this process the scoby bacteria, which is basically a mushroom, and yeast eat the sugar in the tea and transform the drink into a fermented, fizzy and slightly sour beverage. 
Where can you buy Kombucha?
If you are having trouble finding someone who has scoby to spare here is a website you can buy it from:
How do you make kombucha?
I basically brew a pot of tea, dissolve a few tablespoons of sugar in it and when cooled to room temp add it to the scoby sitting in a porcelain dish with a lid (or other vessel of your choice) Simply leave that to ferment for about a week. Bottle that and begin again. 
For a more detailed description on how to make go here.
Do you drink Kombucha? How does it make you feel? 
x Natural Harry 

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