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Dear friends,

From the bottom of our hearts thank you for all that you have done to give Natural Harry wings. From visiting us for chats in the morning sunshine to relaxing in a comfy bean bag sipping on a smoothie and laughing with your friends. There is nothing Frase and I get a kick out of more that watching people chilling at the van looking content with life. 

 This is not to say that it is over for there is much more of Natural Harry to come…  We will still be open during February on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am until 5pm, excluding the weekend of the 8th and 9th when we will be setting up shop in the uber cool and charming little world of the Little creatures brewery in Geelong on the 9th. 

 That’s not all, we have a few small music festivals lined up we will be rolling into in the coming months and I will be letting you know super soon. 

 In the meantime I have been having a ball in the kitchen testing recipes and honing existing ones. Since I value your opinion more than anything I would love to know what you want out of Natural Harry. I would love to be able to make the Natural Harry raw treats more available to you. So many of you have asked weather we deliver and I would love for you to be able to order treats and even a whole cake for a special occasion or just coz. 

So…Hands up (or comments up) below, who would be interested if I were to offer this?

It has been more than worth the massive undertaking to build Natural Harry from scratch and made a blissful reality by all of you. You are amazing. Thank you. We cannot wait to see what is around the corner. 

Lots of Love 


Playing in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do and yesterday I accidentally invented an absolute winner of a smoothie. It was so god I had to make two. Here ‘t’is:

// Handful frozen blackberries
// Frozen mango cheek 
// Frozen banana
// 1 medjool date, pitted 
// Enough coconut water to just cover all ingredients in a          blender
+ 1 teaspoon Acai berry powder 

Blend, enjoy!

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