Recently a few folks have asked me when the best time to exercise is. Early in the morning before breakfast? After work?  The answer to this one, like in so many other cases is that it really comes down to the individual. This is a big dilemma for many, finding the time of the day you have a. the best energy and b. the time spare  to get into those swimmers, put those runners on or step on to your yoga mat can be a long time struggle as we are fed so much conflicting information on this subject in the media.

I’m not here to get bogged down in the negatives on this one ’cause lets face it. It’s is more important to move your body than when you move right? I don’t want to discourage you from moving your body and feeling goo, So. What are the positives to choosing a morning or evening time slot to exercise? And why is finding your favorite style/type of exercise most important.

The benefits of a mmorning excersise routine can act like a cup of coffee. 

Getting your body moving first thing is a great way to naturally wake yourself up and get your metabolism off to a flying start
helping to aid in detoxification. It can also:

Double as a  meditation with minimal distractions as the world wakes up.

Improve energy levels throughout the day ahead.

Improve mental clarity for hours after.

Improve circulation

Afternoon and evening exercise routine:

For so long we have been told that the morning is the best time to exercise. However Recent studies suggest there are great benefits to switching it up to the afternoon for these reasons:

Increase performance, muscles are at an ideal temperature and strength is optimal.

More injuries are prevented.

Shake excess stress of the day from your body.

Your perceived excursion is lower in the afternoon and can make exercise seam easier.

Improved circulation.

So there you have it. Both are good in their own way.

I have been swimming in the morning on and off for the last 10 years and just love it. I do though, like everyone else go in phases and have those mornings when I wake up and just think. No, not today, i just cannot be bothered. And so I don’t. If I still feel like exercise I go for a walk or jog or to yoga and if I don’t I simply keep sleeping. And this is why I have sustained this practice for so long, because I have never forced myself to do it. This, I am convinced is key. If the mornings not your thing, try the afternoon or evening. If that’s not your thing, have a crack at the weekend, try something different like hot yoga, boxing, fitness groups, walk with friends. There are so many great ways out there. But most of all, Enjoy it. 

Do you switch up your exercise routine to stay motivated? 

x Natural Harry

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