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As requested by you a #notsponsored response to your most common questions and a deeper dive into the exact items I buy, make and use.

In here you'll find a frequently updated list of goodies that I am regularly asked about. Let's be clear though, these are by no means the only options out there. They are simply items that I've found to be great quality, useful, consciously produced, durable, low-tox and low-waste plus content that I've found interesting and informative. 

Please remember that when considering products, that second-hand options are ideal and you can often find great kitchen appliances, clothing, books, homewares and more on marketplace, at your local op shop or other second-hand dealers. This avoids bringing something new into circulation plus it saves you money - win-win!

This page is somewhere that you can continue to return to and that I can refer my community to while I get busy creating more recipes and goodness for you in between Mum life. 

Along the way, you may also discover a few little discount codes too - hooray!

Much love, H x 


My favourite books, podcasts and documentaries related to wholefoods, physical health, lifestyle, mindset and the environment. I have shared more recommendations specific to other areas in those sections further down (i.e. yoga & baby). 

The Proof is in the Plants - Simon Hill 
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health - Mark Bunn
The Blue Zones - Dan Buettner 

Slow - Simple Living for a Frantic World - Brooke McAlary
The Fragrant Pharmacy - Valerie Ann Woods
Stolen Focus - Johann Hari 
The Artist's Way - Julia Cameron
400 weeks - Oliver Burkeman

Delicious Ways to Feel Better - Ella Mills 
The Imperfects 
The Proof - Simon Hill 
Futuresteading - Jade Miles
Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry - Lola Berry 

A Life on Our Planet - David Attenborough
2040 - Damon Gameau
Regenerating Australia - Damon Gameau 
The Biggest Little Farm 
What the Health 
Food, Inc.
Forks Over Knives 
Hungry for Change 



Top Tip: The majority of my upcycled containers, jars, bottles & spray bottles come from reusing them when I have finished up a store bought products, for example, spray lid attachments fit perfectly on the majority of large glass kombucha bottles. Most jars can be easily cleaned, relabelled and reused to store bulk wholefood items in your pantry, make preserves or to house some of your lovely natural home and body or cleaning products from HOME by Natural harry. 
Just some of my foaming attachments and smaller roller bottles, for example, have been purchased new. These are some of the sources:

Amber Glass Jars & Bottles - Aroma Bottles - Use the code NATURALHARRY for 15% off your first purchase. 

Storage - Seed & Sprout - Use Code NATURALHARRYLOVES for 15% off everything.

Labeller - I use an old school Dymo labeller. 



Fruit & Veg - We source our fresh produce from a combination of farmers markets and farm fresh fruit and veg delivery services which we supplement with what we grow in our garden (usually fresh greens and herbs).
Nuts, Seeds, Grains, Powders, Dried Fruit, Legumes - These goodies come from my local bulk wholefood store. Many now offer delivery services so it is worth looking up your local. Clean and label your own jars and containers, take them in, weigh and then fill them up with goodness. It really is SO easy and fulfilling! 


Cleaning Product Supplies (recipes in HOME by Natural Harry) - My local bulk wholefood store, as above.

The Source Online also offers online shopping to some remote areas of Australia and deliver in compostable bags. 

For ingredients that I cannot obtain free of packaging, I instead source these from other suppliers online or my local health food store. For the exact brands that I use, I've created a 'fave products' reel in my instagram highlights here. 



Frypans - Neoflam is the best in effective low/non-tox and non-stick cookware that I've come across. You do need to use it properly for it to be effectively non-stick and for longevity.  

Saucepans - I use basic stainless steel saucepans picked up from an op shop years ago and they are great!  

Baking Trays/Dishes - I use a combination of metal, solid ceramic and silicone. For non-stick baking such as my Lazy Bones Loaf, I use compostable non-stick baking paper or reusable silicone baking paper from Seed & Sprout. 

Utensils - Where I can I use wooden, ceramic and silicone utensils for cooking. I try to avoid having food, plastic and heat interacting in our kitchen.  


General - I use a combination of Pyrex storage containers (these also double as baking dishes and freezer storage), Seed & Sprout silicone pouches and various sized glass jars for both dry goods and some cold storage in the fridge. The latter are reused from store bought items or collected from op shops.

Compost Bin - Seed & Sprout 

These are my favourite local non-bulk brands of ingredients often mentioned in my books/blog 

Veggie Stock powder - San Elk 
Plant based Butter - Botanical Cuisine 
Meru Miso - Fresh Miso 



For many of my recipes I recommend using a high powered food processor or a blender depending on the particular step or the recipe. I have used the same blender and food processor for the last ten years. I know they aren't the only ones available but they have done the trick for me and I haven't had to replace them. This is what I have: 

Food processor - Thermomix - Mine is the model from 2012 and is still going strong. I have also used a Magimix a couple of times and it was also great. 

Blender - Vitamix - I still have the 'quiet one' that we used in the caravan when we were making hundreds of smoothies a day. It was a big investment for us, however, now almost a decade old and having had a lot of use, it is still going strong. They also sell more domestic versions that are popular. 

Immersion blender - Ours is a Breville. 


I use all of my own recipes from HOME by Natural Harry .


I use all of my own recipes from HOME by Natural Harry. 


I mostly use the simple skincare recipes from HOME by Natural Harry. 
I have created a specific post HERE sharing my morning shower & skincare routine.

Other skincare products that I use regularly:
No. 4+ Tinted Vanilla Silk Hydrating Lotion - Edible Beauty
Basking Beauty Suncream - Edible Beauty
See here for 30% off Edible Beauty NATURALH22

On the odd occasion that I wear makeup it is very minimal. When I do, I use a few things from these two environmentally conscious, cruelty-free and high performing natural Australian brands. 

Ere Perez

I highly recommend doing my friend Emmily's natural Beauty Academy course which you can checkout here. 
Use code NATURALHARRYSPESH at the checkout for $50 off the course! 


Dune Folk - For 50% off the first month - Enter the code DUNEYLOVESHARRY
Ash Freeman - Pilates, workouts, online yoga on YOUTUBE 
Yoga With Adriene - On YOUTUBE


Yamas and Niyamas - Deborah Adele 


When buying new, where possible, I look for natural materials and locally made. I try to purchase with the consideration that I will have the item forever and the hope that it will be passed on beyond my time with it. I aim for quality over quantity, so well-made is essential. Less is most definitely more! If I am at a market or store and I can't see where the item was made, I simply ask for more information. These are a few of my favourite brands that I've purchased from in the past:

Australian Made Hemp Linen - Good Studios 
Ceramics - Ochre,  Kinfolk & Co, local markets & boutiques 


I studied fashion design & construction straight out of school. I have always been interested in clothing that is well made. Many of my favourite clothes have been purchased over years and have had a lot of wear. I've repeatedly chosen quality over quantity for much of my adult life and it has paid off both financially and waste wise. I am always on the lookout for Australian made and quality items that, if I come to sell, donate or swap them, will go into circulation and last a lot longer than poor quality, fast fashion. 

Fave Brands & Stores:
Local op shops, vintage & second hand stores
Tasi Travels 
Clothing Swaps with Friends (HOT TIP!)
Indigo Luna - Yoga clothing 10% off code: naturalharry linked here 

When shopping, I recommend researching the brand and asking questions. Many brands use 'greenwashing' these days so a little more digging is needed to uncover the truth. 
Example questions:
- Who makes your products?
- Where are your products made? 


Zen Mamas - Theresa Palmer & Sarah Wright Olsen
Birth With Confidence - Rhea Dempsey 
Beyond the Birth Plan - Rhea Dempsey 
The First Forty Says  - Heng Ou



Milk to Meals - Luka McCabe
The Plant-Based Baby and Toddler - Alexandra Caspero & Whitney English 


Nappies - Eco Originals - click here and enter the code ECOHARRY for $20 off your purchase over $50
Nipple cream - Being Skincare 
Nappy Rash Cream/Balm - Weleda 
Toys - Your local toy library! 
Nursery items - Banabae is a favourite of mine.