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Disclaimer: This post is not paid for by any of the companies featured. They probably don’t even know that I love them. I simply wanted to share the few body products I buy with you. I think it is SO imperative that we all start using products that are good for us, our body, and the environment as you will read below.

Its no big secret that I love all things  natural, and my best guess is, if you have found your way here, you do to. If you know me personally chances are you have never, if not extremely rarely, seen me with any form of makeup on. If you have lived with me you would know that my so called “beauty routine” is as minimal as they come. You are more likely to find me with functional clothing on than “dressy”, despite a 7 year background in fashion design, and my idea of a “hair style” is washing and brushing it. So now we have that out of the way you will not be surprised when this post does not turn into a make-up tutorial  or a fiddly, complicated morning beauty routine. I just wanted to share the, in my opinion, must have products that I have discovered over the years that work bloody well, don’t contain nasty chemicals, are kind on the earth and not tested on animals!

So lets cut to the chase shall we? As you know, our skin is our largest organ and it literally soaks up what is in our environment not to mention drinks in all that we slather onto our skin, bathe in and lather into our hair. Conventional body products, you know the HUGE brands, mostly found at department stores, supermarkets and some pharmacies can be a mine-field of nasty chemicals. These are extremely damaging to the environment and detrimental to your health. The truth is, little of what is advertised on the packaging of these products is actually true. Companies use clever labelling that skirts around legal (or lack there of) regulations when it comes to labelling and the use of ethically produced ingredients. They use words to entice us such as “Organic” or, “Natural” on the packaging to rope in busy, trusting people. However, “Natural” can be a very loose definition of what they actually contain. Considering almost all ingredients are synthetic or are so far removed from their original plant forms they no longer resemble anything natural. Not to mention the copious amounts of preservatives thrown in for good measure!

So what should we look for and what should we avoid?

What to look for:

  • Ingredients lists that you can pronounce and do not contain numbers.
  • Logos that represent certification bodies such as the ones below:


What to avoid:

  • Anything in the ingredients list you cannot pronounce.
  • Excessively long chemical names and numbers.
  • General words in the ingredients list such as “parfum” this can be there instead of listing the 1000’s of chemicals that go into the “parfum”
  • An absence of any logos from a certification body to back up claims on their packaging such as “organic” or “natural”

The great news is there are more and more, cruelty free, chemical free products and companies appearing on the market. However, due to financial and time constraints we don’t always have the luxury of shopping around, putting in hours of searching on the internet, purchasing and trailing them until we find a perfect brand or product that works for us. I hope I have at least taken some of the work out of it for you with my list of favourites I have used for years now and that continue to do the trick!

Shampoo and conditioner – Mukti Shampoo & conditioner

Face moisturiser – Mukti aloe vera moisturiser

Toothbrush – Go bamboo 100% biodegradable adult toothbrush

Toothpaste – Home-made or Grants (for traveling)

Lip balm – Kora organics

Dry body brush – Bodecare – I have a whole blog post on dry body brushing here

Body wash/soap – Dr Bronner’s 4-in-1 sugar peppermint organic pump soap or Mukti botanique wash

Deodorant – Home-made or Mukti for travel

Face sunscreen – Mukti tinted moisturiser

Body sunscreen – Wotnot 30+spf 

Moisturiser – Organic cold pressed coconut oil (find at your local health food store)

make up remover – Organic cold pressed coconut oil (find at your local health food store)

Body scrub – Home-made

Bath soak – Home-made

Face and body mask – Home-made


Aside from what I buy, everything else I use on my body, I easily make at home from cheap, natural, beautiful, easy to find ingredients that last for an age. These are all featured in my first recipe/lifestyle/coffee table book that you can purchase easily from the online store (with free shipping I might add!) if you feel so inclined. For example: toothpaste, deodorant & body scrub.


My go to natural body products images


As you can see Mukti Organics feature quite a lot on my list of products I have. This is because I swear by what they make. If you have ever had a smoothie from the Natural Harry smoothie bar then you would know that I am pretty obsessed with quality and greatly appreciate people who put their all into making something! These guys are a family owned, Australian made and run business and the greatest amount of care has gone into what they do. If you are not keen on making any of the products yourself from my book and you are just after a one stop shop for utterly beautiful organic skin, hair and body products then Mukti are your people!

If the byproduct of this post means that the above companies sell a few more items then that is fabulous. We vote with our dollar don’t forget and as long as we are demanding cheap crap (which is actually a rip off when you think about it – you shouldn’t pay for a bottle of synthetic harmful rubbish!) they will keep providing it. We have to be the ones to make the change. 

I didn’t realise just how much I had to say on this topic and I have been a bit more fiery than usual. I hope you have hung in there & enjoyed reading. I get this question so much so it feels good to have it all out there and now have a post to direct the queries to.

Have a beautiful weekend all!

x Harry


  1. Mukti Mukti says:

    Thank you for the lovely shout out and review. Much appreciated X

    1. Harry says:

      My pleasure guys! You make the most gorgeous products. They need to be shared. I hope you continue to have great success in what you do! x

  2. Jane says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I am really conscious about my hair health. Recently, I just had a Brazilian hair treatment, I want to a hair cream that can retain my hair health. I would like to get the Mukti shampoo.

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