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By now you may have realised that I have been fully focused on the mammoth project of pouring everything I have into creating my second recipe book  “WHOLE by Natural Harry”. I must admit, It is pretty epic and I am beyond excited to get your copy to you! This book is slightly different to the last in that the recipes are for all year round. Not just summer. There are no superfood powders and much of it is cooked food. Yes, even some of the desserts.

I also created WHOLE by Natural Harry to compliment the first book with the perfect balance between whole, simple, satisfying and tasty.

Expect to find nourishing easy brekkies (both sweet and savoury), hearty salads, simple no-fuss nourish bowls, wholesome main dishes (like ‘meat ball pasta, nachos, lasagne, zucchini slice and burgers), simple and delish share options and many a divine dessert. With over 110 recipes (yes! 110!) and so many stunning images by Nikole Ramsay, it is a hefty little number.

I hope your copy finds a permanent home on your kitchen bench, and becomes lovingly tattered and book marked with the occasional splatter from time spent preparing delicious meals. I hope its pages are filled with the kinds of foods that you want to eat 90% of the time: Real, whole, satisfying, nourishing, healthy dishes. True comfort foods.

Truth be told, I have been at this plant-based game for a while now. 4ish years in fact. In that time I have experimented with a whole lot of different ingredients, processes and short cuts.  The reality is if we want to create some of those nostalgic tastes and textures there are a few items that will help us achieve that.

But how do you do that while using whole, real ingredients that are devoid of nasty chemicals, fillers or long processes?

Well, there are a handful of handy ingredients I use over and over to add flavour, help to bind, replace refined ingredient and add extra vitamins, minerals and good quality probiotics to recipes. I have included a section in WHOLE by Natural Harry called ‘Plant-based pantry’ to list these items, where to find them and a little more info on them.

To support that I have created this image and list with a tiny bit more info as well as which brands I love and where to find them locally, in the hopes that this helps you to get prepared to cook up a storm with WHOLE. You may already have all of these items at home or you might have a few to grab. Either way, I hope you find this super helpful and if you have any questions about them send me an email via the contact page and I will be happy to help!

These are the local stores that I source these items from:

Go Vita in Ocean Grove – Health anad whole foods store in Ocean Grove

Surf Coast Whole Foods – Whole foods/health foods/ apothicary and Organic grocer in Torquay

GROW in Anglesea – Bulk whole foods store and apothicary in Anglesea industrial estate

Organic Mojo – Organic grocer and whole foods store in Pakington street, Newtown

Geelong Whole Foods – Bulk whole foods store in Geelong

Valeries Pantry – bulk whole foods store in Belmont

Activated buckwheat

The seeds from the buckwheat plant. The activating process involves soaking, washing and dehydrating, which removes the phytic acid and unlocks the seeds’ nutrients. You can activate buckwheat yourself, but, nowadays there is pre-activated buckwheat readily available from many health food stores, supermarkets, specialist grocers and online.

I usually buy mine from Loving earth at Go Vita, Surfcoast whole foods or Organic Mojo. Grow in Anglesea is an amazing bulk wholefood store that stocks it in bulk.

Apple cider vinegar

A pre-biotic vinegar, made from fermenting crushed apples until no sugars remain. It is widely used in tonics and recipes. Look for apple cider vinegar that is raw or contains ‘the mother’. Available from many wholefood stores, grocers and supermarkets.

Most stores stock this. There are some great Aussie brands on the market now!

Black bean spaghetti

A great alternative to regular wheat pasta. It is gluten-free and made from minimal ingredients, tender and brimming with protein. There are a few brands of organic black bean spaghetti available. You will find most of them at health food or wholefood stores and online.

This is my favourite pasta substitute. It is so much better than traditional pasta and made of nutrient dense black beans. YUM! It is also beautiful just served cold in salads. The brand I buy is called Eco Organics but there are a few around. Most wholefoods stores will have this. I get mine from Organic Mojo in Geelong and Go Vita in Ocean Grove. 

Cacao nibs

Dried seeds of the cacao bean. Brimming with antioxidants and magnesium. I like to use them as a whole food alternative to chocolate chips as they add a great crunch. You can now find ethically sourced product at wholefood and health food stores as well as some grocers and online.

Make sure to source sustainably grown and organic varieties as it is coming from overseas. I get mine from Loving earth which you will find in most whole foods stores as well as online.

Cacao powder

The raw form of cocoa powder, giving it a much higher antioxidant content. Delicious added to desserts, sauces and smoothies for a rich chocolate flavour. Many stores now stock ethically sourced cacao including health food stores, wholefood stores and online.

Make sure to source sustainably grown and organic varieties as it is coming from overseas. I get mine from Loving earth which you will find in most whole foods stores as well as online.

Chia seeds

An ancient seed native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. High in omega-3 fatty acids. Used in plant-based cooking as a substitute for egg. Chia is grown in abundance here in Australia and widely available at supermarkets, health food stores, wholefood stores, at grocers and online.hia so much – such an amazing replacement for egg. Plus, it is an

So much of the worlds Chia is now grown in Aus, particularly western Australia. I try to buy from bilk food stores to avoid packaging. Geelong wholefoods and GROW in Anglesea have them. Even the supermarkets do these days! 

Chickpea flour

Also known as besan. Made from whole ground chickpeas. A versatile ingredient that can be used to make anything from pizza bases or biscuits to cakes and slices. Naturally loaded with fibre, protein, B vitamins and potassium. You can find it in most wholefood, health food stores as well as online and in a few supermarkets.

I have found this in bulk at many places and you can even grab it from most major supermarkets (although that will not be organic) . Besan has SO many uses, which you will see in WHOLE!

Coconut aminos

The fermented liquid made from the aged sap of the coconut blossom with a sweet, salty, tangy flavour. Often used as a lower sodium substitute for soy sauce or tamari. I also like to use it to replace oil and vinegar and add flavour to many of the recipes in this book.Find it at most health food and wholefood stores as well as specialist grocers.

Cannot get enough of this stuff! Adds so much flavour. Plus, it’s  fermented – so good for the tum! I buy the only brand I have found that is stocked in most wholefoods stores called nuilife. 

Coconut yoghurt

Made from cultured coconut milk and containing loads of good bacteria. A creamy plant-based replacement for dairy yoghurt and cream, I have a simple recipe on the Natural Harry blog. Making it yourself is a great way to save a few dollars and also plastic. Find organic brands at health food stores, wholefood stores and some grocers.

So widely available now, even in major supermarkets but I also have a recipe here and in my first book self titled Natural Harry  so so easy to make yourself! 

Food-grade essential oil

A pure and very potent oil. Only a few varieties and brands are certified organic and suitable for dietary use. The flavours I use most often are orange and peppermint. A little goes a very long way, so you only need the tiniest amount. You can find food-grade essential oils online and in some health food stores.

Note: You can easily set up a wholesale account here to purchase the essential oils I use. That way they are much cheaper for you. Otherwise, you can search for them at wholefood and health food stores but they will cost a bit more there.

Kelp noodles

Made from sea kelp, sodium and water, these are naturally gluten and grain-free. They are rich in nutrients and can be eaten raw or soaked in water to soften. You can find them at most health food and wholefood stores as well as some specialist grocers and online.

You can also substitute these with rice noodles or the yummy black bean spaghetti! Otherwise, I get them from Surf Coast wholefoods and Go Vita in Ocean Grove 


Traditionally a staple condiment of Korean cuisine. Made by fermenting Napa cabbages, radishes, chilli, ginger, garlic, onion and salt. The result is absolutely bursting with flavour. Kimchi contains beneficial bacteria to support a healthy gut. I look for brands that don’t contain anchovies. You can find it at many health food and wholefood stores as well as some specialist grocers. Or make a big batch yourself.

Note: My favorite brand of kimchi available in my area of the Bellarine peninsula is from the Fermentary based in Daylesford. They make a vegan variety (no anchovies) and cut all the veggies by hand! I havn’t found another as delicious! 


A lightly effervescent tea due to its fermentation process involving tea, sugar and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, which digests the sugar in the tea so trace amounts remain. The result is a slightly sour, slightly sweet lightly fizzy tea that is most commonly enjoyed chilled. It is an ancient drink that has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is now widely available. Make it at home or find it at health food and wholefood stores.

Note: there are loads on the market now. Make sure to buy an organic one that is rich in probiotics and not refined sugar. Nor pasteurised as that defeats the purpose of a probiotic. Remedy Kombucha is my favourite one down our way. It is made in Melbourne!

Maple syrup

Real, pure maple syrup is made from the sap of Canadian maple trees. Unlike refined white sugar, maple syrup retains all of its vitamins and minerals after its minimal processing, which involves evaporation, making it a great natural sweetener. You can find real maple syrup at wholefood stores, health food stores, organic grocers and most supermarkets.

Note: make sure to buy organic real maple syrup. The stuff you find in a squeezy bottle in the supermarket is no relative whatsoever. I don’t even think it tastes like it! 

Medjool dates

They are packed with fibre, super sweet and contain magnesium, copper, potassium and manganese. Medjool dates make a fantastic wholefood alternative to sugar and work really well in desserts to bind ingredients together. Medjool dates are readily available in supermarkets and organic varieties are available at most health food stores, wholefood stores and specialty grocers.

Note: these are the more squishy, juicy variety you find in the chilled section of the store. Wholefood stores, grocers and supermarkets carry them! 


A traditional Japanese seasoning made by fermenting rice, soy beans, salt and koji starter. Naturally high in protein, probiotics, vitamins and minerals. A traditional, non-pasturised miso has quite a sweet and salty flavour. Luckily there are now a few good quality Australian brands available that are made from fresh organic ingredients maintaining the probiotics. These are available from some organic grocers, health food and wholefood stores.

Note: Most miso on the market are long life and shipped from over seas. There is one amazing brand that I know of that is made of 100% organic ingredients and made in Tassie. It is called Meru Miso (click name for website). It is made of fresh ingredients and needs to be refrigerated. It also comes in glass jars which I love! Every organic grocer, health food and wholefood store near me stocks it and it is becoming more popular.

Mung bean fettuccine

A hearty gluten-free, wholefood pasta made from edamame and mung beans. High in potassium, manganese, folate, magnesium, zinc and B vitamins. It is also high in fibre and protein and holds its shape really well, making it a great option to add to salads. You can find it at some health food stores, wholefood stores and online.

This is my favourite pasta substitute. It is so much better than traditional pasta and made of nutrient dense black beans. YUM! It is also beautiful just served cold in salads. The brand I buy is called Eco Organics but there are a few around. Most wholefoods stores will have this. I get mine from Organic Mojo in Geelong and Go Vita in Ocean Grove. 


An edible seaweed that is rack dried in sheets. Most commonly used as a wrapping for sushi. Nori is high in vitamins and minerals including iodine and is best sourced organically. You can find organic toasted nori sheets at many health food and wholefood stores as well as organic grocers.

Seaweed is one of those ingredients that you really want to make sure you buy organic! Non-organic, mass produced varieties are not as high quality! Try to buy it from your wholefood, health food or organic grocer. They are more likely to have an organic variety in stock. Plus, I reckon it tastes better!

Nutritional yeast

Sometimes called savoury yeast. It is an inactive yeast grown on molasses. It is then washed and dried with heat to make sure it is inactive. Nutritional yeast is what I use to give recipes that savoury, ‘cheesy’ flavour. It is also a source of vitamin B12, folic acid, selenium, zinc and protein. Nutritional yeast is becoming more widely available all the time. Currently, you can find it in most health food and wholefood stores as well as organic grocers and online.

Note: as far as I know, as I write this blog post, nutritional yeast is not yet available in supermarkets. It is NOT brewers yeast so make sure the one you buy is labelled wither ‘nutritional yeast’ or ‘savoury yeast flakes’. It is grown on malt and it is inactive and safe to eat. Every bulk wholefoods, health food and wholefood store I frequent stocks it. 

Organic rolled oats

Organic oats are much lower in gluten than non-organic oats. You can also buy gluten-free oats, although they are not as easy to find. Although oats are not a very exotic grain and are very common here in Australia they are actually a very healthy choice. They are rich in a certain type of dietary fibre called beta-glucan as well as protein, good carbohydrates, magnesium and zinc. You can find organic rolled oats at most supermarkets, health food and wholefood stores.

Not a hard item to find. Even woolie has organic rolled oats. I prefer to buy in bilk from a bulk wholefoods like Geelong Whole foods or GROW in Anglesea though if I can just to avoil the packaging! 

Plant-based milk

You can derive milk from some nuts, seeds and grains. For example: coconut, almond, cashew, rice and oat milk. They are relatively simple to make yourself at home, but so many are now easy to find at your local health food or wholefood store as well as most major supermarkets.

My favourites are: almond and coconut and these are the ones I use in the recipes in both WHOLE by Natural Harry and Natural Harry!  I like pure harvest as a brand if you are going to get store bought. Mainly becasue there are no nasties and they use a higher percentage of almond than other brands that can be a bit watery. 

Purple sweet potato

Also known as Okinawan sweet potato as it is popular and widely used on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, has white skin and purple flesh. They are super high in many nutrients including the obvious – fibre and a great way to add a bit of extra colour  to your meal. You can find them in some specialty grocers, farmers’ markets and some wholefood stores.

I buy these from my local grocer. I have seen them in supermarkets before too. Just make sure it is a purple one and not a kipfler. They are white on the inside and outside. Also delish, just not purple! 


A traditional German condiment made by fermenting cabbage and salt. The tangy, salty preserve is naturally probiotic. Often made with cabbage. I have two basic recipes in my previous book and it is very easy to make. These days it is readily available at many health food stores, wholefood stores and organic grocers.

Note: When I mention sauerkraut I mean fermented cabbage, not the long life, artificially preserved kind you find in the supermarket aisle with the pickles and olives. There are so many good quality brands available now. Or, you can easily and cheaply make your own. I have a recipe here. Some of my fave local ones are made by: The Fermentary, Soul ferments  and Bely health. The other one I love is Peace love & Vegetables from Byron Bay.

Smoked paprika

A spice made from pimiento peppers that have been dried, smoked over an oak fire and ground into a fine powder. Adding this spice to recipes gives it a yummy smoky quality. You can find great quality versions at speciality grocers, health food and wholefood stores.


The paste produced from ground sesame seeds. Hulled tahini has a smooth and creamy texture with a very distinct nutty flavour. I have used hulled tahini in these recipes for a milder flavour. You can find hulled, unhulled and black tahini in most major supermarkets, health food stores and wholefood stores.

Note: I use hulled organic tahini in my recipes. Simply because sometimes you want the consistency but not a really strong sesame flavour. You can also use unhulled and you can also find black sesame tahini too! Tahini is at pretty much every supermarket, wholefood, helthfood stores and some grocers. 


A naturally gluten-free by-product of fermented soy beans. Traditionally made as a by-product of miso. It is very high in sodium and only a little is needed for a lot of flavour. Be sure to look for a brand that has no additives. You can find authentic tamari at many health food and wholefood stores as well as specialist grocers.

It is basically soy sauce, just made traditionally and naturally gluten free. Look for a brand that contains soybeans only!


A naturally cultured soy product. The controlled fermentation process binds the soy beans together. Tempeh is a great source of protein, and is delicious grilled, in sandwiches, salads, wraps, curry and stir fries. As with all soy products, it is best to source high-quality organic brands. You can find these at many organic grocers, wholefood and health food stores.

Note: As with other soy products I feel it is super important to find organic, nongmo tofu, tempeh and miso. I buy mine from Whole food and health food stores and organic grocers. 


Also known as bean curd, tofu is available in a few forms: silken, firm, extra firm and smoked. Tofu, in its organic, non GMO form is a great source of amino acids, iron and calcium. You can usually find a good quality organic tofu at health food stores, wholefood stores and some specialist grocers.

Note: As with other soy products I feel it is super important to find organic, nongmo tofu, tempeh and miso. I buy mine from Whole food and health food stores and organic grocers. 

Vanilla powder

Made by grinding dehydrated whole vanilla bean pods. Be sure to look at the ingredients though. Some of the brands have added sugar for baking. Vanilla bean should be the only ingredient. You can find organic vanilla powder in most wholefood and health food stores as well as online.

I prefer vanilla powder over essence and syrups because it can’t get more natural than ground up dehydrated vanilla pods. I also think it provides a beautiful subtle flavour and you still get those nice vanilla specs you get from a fresh vanilla pod! I get mine from Loving Earth which is sold in most of the food stores I stock the books e.g Surf coast whole foods, Go Vita Ocean Grove, Organic mojo, Geelong wholefoods and GROW in Anglesea. 


An edible sea vegetable. I like to use it in soups and salads. As with many other edible sea vegetables, wakame is super high in many nutrients and a great source of iodine. You can find organic dehydrated wakame at many health food stores, wholefood stores as well as online.

I buy dried wakame from my local health food store Go Vita in Ocean Grove. I buy the brand Spiral. 

So I hope that helped! There is quite a bit of info there but the list is short! I am SO excited to show you the book so you can get creating! Again, Any questions you might have shoot them over to me via the contact page and I will be in touch as soon as I can!

Lots of love,



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