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I am no fan of mass production. For me it conjures images of sweat shops and piles of twice worn clothing sitting in a tip somewhere. Fashion has become disposable. But where and how do you find Organic clothing and/or fashion with a conscience that doesn’t cost the earth, in more ways than one?

Well hurrah! I found a cracker spot in the trusty world of the interweb today and it is not just affordable and ethical but cool too. jackpot. Introducing The Green Room  which is wait for it….. da da da daaaa.. Part of ASOS. It is nice to know that even a BIG company such as ASOS are making efforts however big or small to help re-use, recycle and produce environmentally friendly clothing.

Some of their pieces are reclaimed and some are organic.
So if you are in the market for a new frock, top, pants or even some accessories heading into in my opinion, the best season of the year, spring, head here to check out the collection.

Where do you buy your clothes from? Have you found a great retailer with a conscience? Please share in the comments bellow.

x Natural Harry 

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