Hi Guys!


If you caught my social media posts last week you will know that recently we had to make a very difficult decision.

Natural Harry is known mostly as the little wooden caravan on a leafy vacant lot in Barwon Heads, our little seaside village.

So, after three lovely long summer seasons serving delicious organic smoothies from it’s windows, and after much deliberation we we will not be doing this coming summer.

This was, as I said the most difficult decision and hardest post I have ever had to write. That caravan and the magic that was created in it is the soul and identity of Natural Harry. My recipe book, which I wrote and published late last year is intrinsically tied to the caravan with gorgeous images and content based on what we produced for people to enjoy those three years. 

Fraser, my partner, who built the little wooden caravan from scratch, also moulded and cared for the vacant lot the caravan sat on, adding fences and plants to enhance the space and make it more enjoyable. This in conjunction with the atmosphere created by the music, beanbags, laughter, delicious food, and little van made it a favourite spot for locals and visitors to relax and enjoy.

However, thanks to the book and this blog Natural Harry is more than just the caravan. Natural Harry’s other identity is providing inspiration for a healthy home, body and lifestyle with delicious plant based recipes. From that caravan and all of the learnings over the years we now get to enjoy the recipes and ideas indefinitely.

I really hope that you will stay with me while I launch into the next chapter of Natural Harry. I am so excited to share with you what that will look like and what it will mean for you.

In the mean time, the hugest thank you to every single person who visited us over the years from near and far. Especially in the very early days offering words of encouragement. But most of all for making the space. For without all those visits and the positive energy, chatter and smiles it would never have been the beautiful space that it was.

Love Harry




  1. Bri says:

    Ohhhhh!!! Such sad news Harry… I have loved the meet ups, and happy chats over a smoothie on a hot day, that I’ve shared with various gorgeous people on the ‘grass’ at your little van!
    I am REALLY looking forward to hearing your “whats next” as I am sure it will be just as amazing as the gift of a ‘space to hang and be’ that you gave us all over the last three summers…
    Bless you Harry, and thanks champ. 🙂
    love, Bri. x x x

    1. Harry says:

      Thank you lovely one! We will be sure to keep you in the loop as usual! 🙂 xx

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