Easy as….

1 litre Almond milk, either homemade or good quality store bought . For my home made recipe go here
1 sachet kefir powder (you will find this in your health food store)
1 date/1 tablespoon honey/1 tablespoon maple syrup (The good bacteria in the probiotic starter (kefir) need something to eat, and this makes for a stronger drink.
Make sure the milk is at room temperature. Pour in the contents of the sachet, Stirring gently.
Place a hand towel over the top and secure with an elastic band or other. Place the kefir in a place where it will be away from light and draft and will be at a constant temperature of between 18-28 Degrees Celsius. The easiest place to achieve this is a turned off oven and leave either over night or during the day. Remove the cover after 12 hrs replace lid and store in fridge. It will keep for around 5 days. You may need to stir before using if after a while the water and kefir separate  This is normal.  
Use this amazing elixir on breakfast dishes such as chia pudding, in smoothies or on its own. 
Just some of the benefits of drinking probiotics  are:
Better immunity
The promotion of good bacteria in your gut
Better digestion
x Natural Harry 
Have you made your own probiotics at home? What did you use?

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