The more years I have been in the Natural Harry space the more I have realised how cyclical it can all be. I can see the pattern now.
While operating the day to day I will go through periods were:
Phase #1 
I will spend months deep in thought, considering what the purpose of it all is. How I can use my set of skills to be of use to people & planet, where it is all going …
Phase #2
Then months deep in a creative phase, putting it all together in my mind, letting it sink in, pouring over lists, ideas, confiding in people.. changing the plan approx 675,543 times.
Phase #3 
Then months in the ‘doing phase’ executing the idea, working towards the finished product or service, giving it everything I have.
Slowly I have learnt to honour these cycles and sink into them. Reasoning with the constant self talk I’m not doing enough, sharing enough consistently….
The first two phases are not for nothing. They are where the best work is done. They are what ensures the end result has passion, purpose and authenticity built into it. Slowly I am re-training myself to respect the process.
Moral of the story? 

No time is ever wasted you are learning in every moment. Something my mum instilled in me from a young age and that I tell myself constantly.
I may not be able to do it all and be everything to everyone but I can do what I can with the skills I have
As I am in between phase 1 and 2 of my Natural Harry cycle 😆 🌙 I’m not talking about MY cycle but we are cyclic beings after all so the two are surely linked.

Do you experience these cycles in your creativity and purpose and passion led business/life too or am I the only one?
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  1. Isis says:

    Totally!!!! constantly experiencing the infinite cycles within cycles, but always feeling the liberation as I flow into another journey and start again but with new perceptions and things to take action with. 🙂

    1. Harry says:

      Hi Isis, so happy you resonate

      It’s an ever-changing flow, isn’t it?! Lots to learn in every phase!

      It’s quite fascinating how we all work.

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂

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