WHOLE by Natural Harry

Every meal and snack of the day. Simple, satisfying, whole and clever! 

A down-to-earth approach to simple cooking and a wholesome lifestyle inspired this beautiful self-published book brimming with vibrant food and stunning photography by Nikole Ramsay.

From nourishing brekkies, salads, and bowls to wholesome main dishes and divine desserts. WHOLE has become a staple resource for the home cook. It contains 100+ plant-based whole food recipes for friends and family, striking the perfect balance between whole, simple, satisfying and tasty.

So many of life’s memorable moments and connections happen over food. With help from Nikole’s superb photos – I created this book with the wider Natural Harry community in mind. I hope your copy finds a permanent home on your kitchen bench, and becomes lovingly tattered and bookmarked with the occasional splatter from time spent preparing delicious meals. Its pages are filled with the kinds of foods that you want to eat every day: Real, simple, whole, satisfying, nourishing, healthy dishes. True comfort foods

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HOME by Natural Harry

A comprehensive collection of DIY recipes, tips, tricks and hacks for a calm, resourceful and tox-free existence, and a modern reference for anyone who wants to reduce their plastic waste and save money/the world at the same time!

Home by Natural Harry has seventy simple and sustainable recipes offer natural ways to care for every room in your home. Stain remover in the laundry, shower cleaner in the bathroom, dishwashing liquid in the kitchen. It presents easy alternatives to store-bought cleaning products, as well as a comprehensive chapter on body care (from toothpaste to shampoo to foaming hand wash).

A short list of ingredients is all you need to be able to make every single home cleaning and body care recipe in this book. With recipes for everything from shampoo to body butter and bathroom cleaner to candles.

I have also included a handful of my favourite money and waste-saving kitchen staple recipes, including oaty seed loaf, coconut yoghurt and pickled veg.

Celebrating a slower, more frugal and thoughtful life Home by Natural Harry is full of recipes, tips, hacks and a handy guide on stocking your cupboard.  The perfect guide that makes it easy to do what’s good for your home, your body, your wallet – and the planet. Trust your ingenuity and make the leap.

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Natural hArry

Natural Harry, Delicious plant-based Summer recipes

The original Natural Harry Cook Book. Full to bursting with vibrant raw desert, smoothie whole food recipes.

What started as a beach-side smoothie van has grown to include delicious recipes that look naughty, but are just plain nice. Focusing on nutrition and good quality ingredients, Natural Harry shows you another way to think about food.

With over 70 plant-based recipes, all free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, Natural Harry’s first recipe book features all of the most popular smoothies and raw desserts from the Natural Harry menu, plus healthy popsicles, yummy savoury breakfast options, salads, main meals and smoothie bowls.

So much love and attention has gone into this gorgeous hardcover recipe and lifestyle book. Complete with stunning photography by Nikole Ramsay. We hope you adore it as much as we do.

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