Late last year I moved our bed and two bean bags out of our bedroom/office/sitting room in our tiny house, picked the s*** out of the veggie patch and got busy in the kitchen. I whipped up a feast for some of my nearest, dearest and oldest lady friends. We sat around a low table I made from a few bits of ply, some tree stumps and assorted fabric as the tablecloth. We used my mish-mash of old camping plates, cutlery and some gems from around the place. And it worked a treat! It was the perfect setting for a perfect day.

Being inside was actually plan B. Plan A was a long low table out on the lawn with the sun shinning. Instead we had freezing winds and side rain (#reallife). It made for a memorable day and we were nice and cozy inside.

Here is the low down on the set-up, the day, the food and even the folk………

I hope you enjoy!

 The location:

One half of our 40 square meter house. The picnic feast.


The food:

All the dishes were from my first recipe book – self titled  Natural Harry either straight up or with a bit of a twist and all were so delicious!




The people:

Legends x 15

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