Now, this little gem of a tip I am about to give you totally free is truly amazing! Lucky you for finding your cyber way here and stumbling upon this little post. 

Tip out that overpriced shot of caffeine in a cup  you zombie stepped your way to this afternoon. I have just discovered the BEST cure for “three-thirty-itis” ever and it literally yoo-hooed at me from the hallway yesterday.

As I was studying, eyes slowly getting closer and closer to the screen, eyelids drooping and thoughts unassociated with learning drifting across my mind i.e “would it even matter if I just had a little nap here on the desk right now?” I heard my housemate call me from the hallway. “Time to get upside down Harry”. Now this is no ordinary housemate of mine. This a-mazing lady is also a very knowledgeable, wise and zen yoga instructor. So of course I had to investigate. 

And there she was in the hallway Technicolor leggings and all, hands to the floor feet in the air, vertical. “This is a great place for it”, she said casually chatting away doing a handstand against a wall.

So I gave it a go and… wow did it work. I felt instantly energized, clear and calm.

Along with the biggie (Improving energy levels) reversing gravity for a bit in what is known in yogi-speak as inversions has many other wonderful benefits such as:

-Gives your vital organs a rest
-Improves circulation
-Improved respiration (breathing)
-Improved elimination and detoxification.

I am not suggesting if you have not done one before that you launch into a handstand or headstand or any other advanced yogi twisty pretzel pose, simply bending from the hips, knees slightly bent head, neck and arms relaxed and taking long slow, deep breaths will do the trick.

So next time you are feeling a little three-thirty-itis coming on get topsey-turvy and nip it in the bud.

Do you do inversions to give yourself energy? Do you find it gives you a renewed energy? Leave a comment bellow and share with your friends.

x Natural Harry

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