I have made a habit lately of snapping my favorite snack and meal inventions so that I can share them with you. From lunch yesterday to post today. Here is the latest....Raw sprouted vegetable nori rolls. 

Before I show you what and how here are some interesting facts about the ingredients I used for this snack (yes, 4 hand roll sized nori rolls is a snack for me):

Sea vegetables are one of the highest food sources of minerals, 
Sprouts are easy to digest, high in enzymes, high in protein and 
rich in essential nutrients
Beetroot stabilizes blood sugar, helps to toneifiy the liver (aiding detoxification and acts as an antioxidant
Hummus dip as high in protein, good fats and vitamin c from the lemon juice which is also alkalizing.
Miso (Fermented soy bean paste) is anti-aging, high in essential vitamins and high in anti-oxidants (cancer presenters)

What you’ll need:

2 Sheets nori seaweed (You can get this from the aisian section of your health food store or supermarket)
1 1/2 cups sprouts (I used onion sprouts and alfalfa – any will do)
1 small beetroot grated
4 tablespoons hummus (home made is best but you can get lovely store bought organic versions)
1 table spoon organic miso paste
1 tablespoon flax seeds

All you need to do:

Lay out the sheets of nori, spread from side facing you to 3/4 across with alfalfa. use 1/2 grated beetroot each on top of this. spoon the hommus along the beetroot and top with a drizzle of miso and a sprinkle of flax seeds. Roll using a bamboo rolling mat (easy to find in a supermarket) away from you until in half and squeeze so that it forms a role with a lip at the end. Dab water on the excess and squeeze gently again. Cut with a sharp damp knife and serve! Yum!

Did you like this recipe? Are you enjoying reading about the health benefits of each ingredient?
I would love to hear what you think 

x Natural Harry

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