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Hey, I'm harry!

I am an author, recipe developer, rooky surfer, mediocre open water swimmer and all round clumsy goofball..

who has somehow managed (via a long and winding journey) to create what is now Natural Harry: 300+ recipes across my blog and three beautiful books plus so much more. 

While I’m super proud of the many iterations of NH and all that it has become, the journey began much more humbly back in 2013 as a little wooden beachside caravan built from scratch by my husband Fraser, a sustainable builder & building designer.

From the big window of our little caravan, we spent many sunny summer days amidst a relaxing scene of bean bags and umbrellas offering nourishing 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts to the lovely folk of our local seaside town, Barwon Heads.

My first book, self-titled Natural Harry, was born from the love and joy of our happy caravan. It offers a collection of our most popular plant-based wholefood smoothie and raw dessert recipes from the van, plus a few of our favourite and simple savoury meals that we love to cook at home.

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Yes, but don’t eat them! haha.. sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Book 1 – Natural Harry is 100% gluten free. You can read more about it HERE 

Book 2 – WHOLE by Natural Harry is 99% gluten free. There are easy swaps for the few recipes that contain mountain bread (not gluten free) and there are a few recipes that contain oats that you can always replace with a gluten free wholefood alternative such as buckwheat or rice flakes. You can read more about it HERE 

Book 3 – HOME by Natural Harry only contains a small number of food recipes. Of which all except the oaty seed loaf is gluten free! or you can test some out for yourself HERE. You can read more about it HERE or you can test some out for yourself HERE.

Sure! There are loads of beautiful images of our little house in my 3rd recipe book HOME.

You can also check out this article by The Design Files HERE. The Design Files article has all the details about the house build & also some beautiful Nikole Ramsay images!

Lazy Bones Loaf is available to all good heath foods and wholefood stores in Victoria and Tasmania (Australia). If your local store does not stock it and you would like them to order it in for you ask them to get in touch with Happy Green Distribution.

Or from anywhere in Australia via from right here on the Natural Harry website

Where it will be packed in a compostable box and posted to you. 

Yes! But don’t eat them! Jokes…

Natural Harry and WHOLE are both vegan. The ingredients in both of these recipe books are wholefood and 100% plant based. There are no animal products in the ingredients of either of these recipe books.

HOME is mostly cleaning and body care DIY recipes. The small number of staple food recipes included in HOME are 100% plant-based & vegan and whole food. A small number of the body care product recipes contain bee products. It is up to you to sustainably source these. A vegan and natural alternative is given for each of these recipes.

When I refer to wholefood I mean food in it’s whole form. Ingredients that are minimally processed or not at all. For example rolled oats and tempeh are minimally processed. A ripe avocado or a banana is not.

By plant-based I mean Fruit, vegetables, legumes, fungi nuts, seeds, grains, spices etc. 

Lucky for us, things are changing rapidly and pretty much all of the ingredients used in Natural Harry and WHOLE are now available at supermarkets. You can also find the fresh produce at  your local farmers market, grocer and organic vegetable box delivery service! I like to shop for the majority of the staple dry ingredients at my local bulk wholefood store and healthfood store. A quick google will reveal your closest one of these!

The majority of the ingredients used in the cleaning and body care recipes in HOME are available at bulk wholefood stores and healthfood stores with very few needing to be sourced online. There is a section in all the recipe books that list the ingredients, some information on them and where best to look for them. In my newest book, HOME, this section is titled ‘The Cupboard’.

I made a little IGTV video which you can watch HERE to go over a few of these items as well as some tips and tricks for labeling and sourcing bottles etc. There are much more in the book!

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