What do you get when you cross a health nut with a clever carpenter? 

A vintage caravan serving up 100% organic super food smoothies and raw desserts, that’s what. 

Introducing the Builder and the “cook”….
Fraser and Harriet 
In the lead up to our opening day of Saturday December 14th in Barwon Heads I would love to share our journey so far. Keeping in mind I am slightly sleep deprived and by no means a literary genius….

For a few months now Fraser and I have been building a wooden 1950’s caravan from scratch. When I say “we” I am suggesting it is more of a Builder and a not-so-skilled apprentice sort of arrangement. Can use a blender. Can not use a jigsaw.

The idea came about when I was making organic raw desserts and smoothies for friends and family. My gorgeous friend Tess suggested I make them more available and that got the old noggin a’ticking. A couple of months later Frase had a light bulb moment while chowing down on a raw key lime tart and that was it. The rest is history so they say. 

There has been countless hours and the latest of nights. Both of us have been working during the week and I have kept up my Integrative nutrition study. However None of this has detracted from the fact that it is such a joy to create something and so satisfying to watch it grow and become better than you had even imagined ( it had to be made above the typical height so I can fit). Giraffes need caravans too alright? 

Frase is creative, truly skilled and a perfectionist when it comes to construction and functionality so it has definitely exceeded expectations and we are bursting with excitement to share the Natural Harry Van with you. 

Here is what we have been up to….

First there was the chassis to weld..

Then came the ply…
Displaying image.jpeg
Angus and Anna helped hold the walls up…
Then the frame went on….
…all the while testing green smoothie recipes too keep up our energy…

…and so the curving of ply began…
everything was secured and windows and doors cut out…
Displaying photo.JPG
…all was sanded and ready for a coat of paint….
Meanwhile.. sewing was underway….
Some under – bench curtains…
And some bunting….
… a few cushions for the outdoor seating…
Displaying photo.JPG 
…and she was all painted….
Now for the benches…
We sanded through 2 days of rain…. 
Displaying image.jpeg
…and in they went…
Displaying image.jpeg
..more sanding while the windows were prepared…
…and a coat of varnish..
…a bit of raw jaffa mousse cake making…
…and the sign designing began…
…a few “crafternoons” later and it was ready…
..then the windows went in..
Displaying photo.JPG
..and a bit more sampling…
The final product will be parked at 54 Hitchcock ave, Barwon Heads on 14th December. Looking forward to wizzing you up a tasty smoothie. We cant wait!
x Natural Harry 

2 thoughts on “1 + 1 = A VINTAGE CARAVAN

  1. Carlie says:

    Guys, this blog is terrific! We only stopped by twice this week to grab a smoothie or two (my family is following the GAPS diet so finding delish ‘treats’ is tricky!) but they were SENSATIONAL!!! Your customer service was just perfect, your attention to detail beautiful (how thrilled I was to look down to read my sticker: you are lovely ?). All the very best for a wonderful enterprise with so much integrity and love xoxo

    1. Harry says:

      Hi Carlie,

      So lovely to meet you at our little caravan yesterday! What absolutely beautiful kind words. It is messages like this that keep us motivated to make the best product possible with all the love and attention in the world! Thank you and all the best! xxx

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