Meet Harriet and Fraser. AKA.....

Harry and Frase

Our ever-evolving Natural Harry journey began as little wooden beach-side caravan built from scratch by Fraser a sustainable building designer and carpenter. From the big window of our little caravan, we sold 100% organic plant-based smoothies and raw desserts in our local seaside town of Barwon Heads.

Together we have spent many a sunny summers day, bean bags scattered, umbrellas hoisted, serving super fresh, nourishing smoothies and raw desserts.

Although the little wooden caravan is no more. Natural Harry has grown to include not one but two beautiful self-published recipe books. Both are overflowing with delicious plant-based recipes that look naughty, but are just plain nice. The recipes in the first book are based on the delicious offerings created in the little caravan plus much more I have perfected over the years. Focusing on nutrition and good quality ingredients, I like to show you a different way to think about food.

Frase and I live in a little beach shack surrounded by our veggie patches, gum trees and of course, kept company by our dog, Fred. After the success of the first Natural Harry recipe book, I have collaborated again with local photographer, Nikole Ramsay and produced a second Natural Harry recipe book Whole by Natural Harry. This chuncky little number is full-to-bursting with goodness and currently available now. Here. Super exciting! WHOLE by Natural Harry has a huge focus on simple, plant-based whole-foods recipes as well as  absolutely stunning lifestyle photography by Nikole.

xx Harry